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Capital guaranteed deposits from HSBC

Capital guaranteed at maturity and potentiality for higher returns

You may receive higher returns from your deposits and capital guarantee at maturity with Capital Guaranteed Deposits from HSBC.


  • Higher potential returns in relation to simple or fixed deposit accounts
  • Guaranteed initial capital at maturity
  • Option to pledge the deposit capital to get an Asset Link Consumer Loan

Key features

  • The return of the deposit depends among other on the movement of indices, commodities, currencies / exchange rates
  • Available capital guaranteed deposits are offered with a participation fee and their availability is limited
  • Deposit returns are subject to tax imposed as described by current legislation
  • In case of early redemption, the initial capital deposited may be revised significantly

This product is available subject to an upfront fee and is offered in a limited tranche.
Return on the monies deposited is subject to tax (currently 15% under the legislation in force).
This document is not and cannot under any circumstances be deemed to be investment advice or an exhortation to invest.
The deposit is covered by the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme subject to the specific terms and conditions contained therein.