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We are prepared to serve our customers in line with the official directives on cash withdrawals and transfers of funds.

Some of the key restrictions imposed by the authorities that are applicable to HSBC customers are the following:

  • Cash withdrawals of an aggregate amount of up to €2.300 on a monthly basis as of March 1st, 2018 per depositor, from HSBC branches in Greece and from ATMs in Greece and abroad are allowed through one or more transactions. Only customers who do not have a debit card will be allowed to withdraw money from HSBC branch cashiers.
    Cash withdrawals for the following purposes are exempted from these restrictions: to pay levies, administration fees, bills, judicial stamps and duties for an action of enforcement related to the exercise and hearing of legal recourse and remedies or the payment of any kind of guarantees deriving from the conversion of a sentence depriving freedom, provided that the relevant payments cannot be executed by issuance of banking cheque or via credit transfer through credit institutions but only via cash. In these cases HSBC customers will be served through the Bank's branches.
  • You may proceed with cash withdrawals using HSBC Greece credit cards that are linked to bank accounts subject to the daily/weekly limits of the HSBC credit card in accordance with the limitation of the Legislative Act, dated 18.07.2015 as applicable. However, cash advances from a customer's credit card limit are forbidden.
  • Cross border transfers to bank accounts outside Greece are permitted up to the amount of €2,000 (Two Thousand Euros) per depositor, bimonthly and up to the Bank's maximum monthly limit in euros defined and allocated by the relevant authority.
  • For payments of hospital bills, medical expenses, tuition fees, transfer of funds to cover the cost of living expenses for students outside Greece, expenses of accompanying a patient abroad and for serious health or exceptional social reasons specific limits are set per case and supporting documentation is required.
  • HSBC Greece credit and debit card payments made to purchase goods and services outside Greece are permitted up to a limited daily total HSBC Greece amount prescribed by the Greek authorities. Customers should be aware that if this total HSBC Greece limit is reached on any one day then HSBC Greece credit and/ or debit cards’ cannot be used any longer for purchases outside of Greece on that day.
  • Credit and/or debit card transactions through a POS that has been installed to a company that operates in Greece by a foreign payment services provider are prohibited.
  • The following 8 credit and debit card transaction types are prohibited if conducted through e-stores: money transfers abroad, purchase of art works and participation in auctions, transactions with gambling companies, purchases from jewelry stores, general codes which found most transactions relating to pornographic material, payments to charities, purchase of personal services (escorts and personal appointments) and catering services.
  • The early, full or partial, repayment of loans is permitted.
  • Premature, either partial or full, termination of time deposits is allowed.
  • Cash withdrawals are permitted up to the total amount of what has been deposited in cash, in banking accounts of individuals and entities after 22/07/2016, always applying the AML/TF provisions.

Corporate customers are kindly requested to contact their Relationship Manager for more detailed information.

We will seek to keep you informed through further updates to our website.