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Areas of opportunity

HSBC has a network of around 3,900 offices in 67 countries and territories. We serve our customers through our four Global Businesses, which work closely together and are supported by our operational and functional teams.

Our business areas

Commercial Banking and Shipping

Commercial Banking has a network that covers three-quarters of global trade flows. We provide businesses with banking services in their home markets and overseas. These include trade and receivables finance, global liquidity and cash management, multi-currency accounts, overdrafts, working capital finance, term loans and syndicated, project finance. Shipping offers a comprehensive range of services to the shipping industry, developed to meet the banking requirements of both ship owning and shipping-related companies. We have a particular focus on companies that aspire to grow internationally and use our global connections and expertise to spot trends in world trade and identify opportunities for our customers Commercial Banking and Shipping offers a variety of roles for people interested in helping businesses to succeed. So we typically look for people with an international mindset, who are curious about how business works in different markets and who can build long-term relationships with our customers. Relationship management is at the heart of our business and these teams work closely with customers to build an in-depth understanding of their needs. They require good business judgment and commercial knowledge as well as strong interpersonal skills.

Global Banking and Markets

Global Banking and Markets provides financial services and products to corporates, governments and institutions worldwide with the main focus on building partnerships with our corporate, government and institutional clients to help them achieve consistent, long-term performance. We use the strength of HSBC’s international network to connect emerging and mature markets, covering key growth areas. Our markets business is one of the largest of its kind in the world. We specialise in foreign exchange, credits and rates, equities and debt, equity and equity-linked capital markets. Our products and services include advisory, financing, securities services, trading and sales, and transaction banking. We manage settlement activity, risk and control after the completion of trades, while ensuring regulatory compliance for clients around the world and offer a range of fund administration, global custody, sub-custody and clearing, and corporate trust and loan agency services, to institutional investors, banks, insurance companies, governments and multinational corporations. We offer career opportunities in areas including Banking, Markets, HSBC Securities Services and Markets Operations providing the possibility to build a comprehensive understanding of each client’s financial requirements and develop services to meet those needs.

Retail Banking and Wealth Management

Retail Banking and Wealth Management provides HSBC’s personal customers with a range of banking services, from current accounts, credit cards, personal loans and mortgages to savings, investments, insurance and wealth management. We serve customers through four main routes: our branch network, self-service terminals, call centres and internet and mobile banking channels.

The career opportunities in Retail Banking and Wealth Management range from customer service and relationship management jobs in branches to roles in product development, sales, strategy. Generalist, specialist and managerial roles are available at all levels.

The employees who work in our network of branches and contact centres are the face of HSBC. They play a vital part in ensuring that we provide a high-quality service to millions of customers worldwide. Roles vary, from the staff who meet the day-to-day banking needs of personal customers to the relationship managers who help them to achieve their financial goals.

Our operational and functional areas

HSBC Operations, Services and Technology

HSBC Operations, Services and Technology provides essential operational services, IT and technical support to help HSBC function effectively and improve our customer service. We offer a wide range of career opportunities ranging from IT roles to procurement and customer operations positions.

The role of HSBC Operations, Services and Technology is to:

  • Run and deliver customer operations and help manage change in the bank. Our chief operating officers are responsible for managing the firm efficiently and effectively and delivering our strategy managing risk and administration activities for operational areas across HSBC, providing leadership and guidance that enables us to fulfil our business risk, control and operational support responsibilities and ensures excellence in the delivery of our services. Operational departments are responsible for managing the day-to-day transactions and running operations for our Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Commercial Banking and Global Banking and Markets providing the support to serve customers across their global networks. Simplifying the way we run HSBC, introducing automation to reduce workload and costs and improve the experience of customers. Helping to implement and drive change for the bank’s global businesses and functions, for the benefit of HSBC and our customers.
  • Manage IT systems, infrastructure and support enabling simpler, better and faster banking, as well as connect more customers to more opportunities, while keeping money safe and data secure.
  • Provide professional services in area of procurement and real estate management. Manage HSBC’s property portfolio for the benefit of our businesses, employees and customers, ensuring that customers and colleagues on HSBC premises benefit from a safe and well-managed physical environment. Day-to-day provision of goods and services for HSBC. Works closely with other parts of HSBC to provide leadership of the bank’s third-party supplier relationships.
  • Global Functions

    HSBC’s Global Functions play a vital role in supporting the bank’s Global Businesses and offer a broad range of career opportunities in areas from legal, risk and finance to human resources, marketing and communications.

    Our operational and functional teams around the world help HSBC’s Global Businesses to operate efficiently and effectively on a day-to-day basis. They also focus on controls and governance to reduce risk and protect the Group’s reputation.

    Communications: Communications designs and implements communications strategies that support HSBC’s business objectives, in line with our values, and that enhance and protect the bank’s reputation among key stakeholders.

    Finance: Finance plays a vital role in ensuring that HSBC manages costs and deploys capital in the most effective way. The team provides financial insight, accuracy and control, using analytical skills to support our Global Businesses and influence and challenge business decisions.

    Legal: Legal plays an important role in protecting HSBC’s reputation, helping to safeguard the organisation by providing robust and comprehensive advice on legal issues and risks. Our lawyers advise senior management and the Global Businesses and Functions.

    Marketing: Marketing helps our Global Businesses increase their revenues by ensuring that we make the most of marketplace opportunities, our brand strength and customer insight.

    Risk: Risk supports HSBC globally in all aspects of risk management. It manages a varied range of risks, including security, information security, contingency, geopolitical, operational, credit, market and reputational.

    Regulatory Compliance: Regulatory compliance supports all areas to identify and manage Regulatory Compliance risks, by providing independent and objective oversight, challenge and support to each Line of Business, HOST and each of the Functions.

    Financial Crime Risk: Financial Crime Risk is a global function that brings together all areas of financial crime risk management at HSBC. The function enables the Group to set the industry standard for knowing our customers and detecting, deterring and protecting against financial crimes such as money laundering, sanctions, and bribery and corruption and fraud.

    Human Resources: Human Resources is responsible for implementing HSBC’s people strategy. It facilitates talent management, succession planning and employee mobility while defining and overseeing frameworks that support employee performance management, reward, learning and development, resourcing and engagement.