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Recruitment process

At HSBC, the recruitment process consists of the following steps:

1) C.V. Online form

Potential candidates interested in joining the bank are required to read the Applicant Privacy Notice and complete the below CV Online form:

2) Application Evaluation

All submitted applications are sorted based on strengths and specialisation and evaluated against prerequisite abilities and skills set for current job openings

3) Ability Tests

If deemed necessary, potential candidates will be invited to participate in aptitude tests.

4) Capability Based Interviews

Shortlisted candidates are invited for a capability based interview. Interviews are based against capabilities required for each position for which the candidate is interviewed for. A capability or competency is an ability described in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude that are essential to effectively perform within a job.

5) Job Offer

When a candidate successfully reaches the final stage, a position offering is made.