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Asset Backed Mortgage Loan from HSBC

Why choose a loan secured by your existing portfolio?

  • Because it enables you to cover housing needs,
  • without having to liquidate all or part of your portfolio.

Thus, you can take hold of real investment opportunities or to meet your current needs as they arise without having to make any change to your investment portfolio. Indicatively, the products that can be used as security to acquire the loan are:

  • Deposit or Time deposit accounts
  • ΕΙΒ securities
  • HGIF, World Selection, BlackRock, Schroders, J.P. Morgan mutual funds
  • Capital guaranteed deposits

Key benefits

  • Liquidity without time-consuming procedures
  • Monthly payments
  • Loan duration of 3 years
  • Early repayment installments, with deposits of the amount you want, when you want, without charge
  • Rapid pre-approval and disbursal procedures

Interest Rates

Competitive floating interest rate linked to Euribor one month reference interest rate plus fixed spread 2.75%.

The interest rate of the loan for HSBC Premier Clients is linked to one month Euribor reference interest rate, plus fixed spread 2.50%.

Total Annual Percentage Rate (A.P.R.): For a loan amount of €200,000, loan application review expenses €500, duration 36 months (the payment is calculated on the basis of 180 months) and 2.75%** interest rate (Euribor one-month 0% plus spread 2.75%) plus contribution of Law 128/75 0.12%: 3.01%

Loan Amount

Τhe loan amount is calculated based on the security value of the deposit/investment product with a minimum amount of €5,000.

Loan Expenses

Loan expenses based on the Bank's price list currently in effect.


  • The Bank maintains the right at its absolute discretion to terminate the loan agreement and the loan, without any notice, if:
    a) the value of the pledged/assigned claim over account and/or investments in favor of the Bank, is less than the agreed upon percentage and the Debtor and/or Guarantor has not provided additional security of the Bank’s acceptance according to the terms of the agreement
    b) the credit ratings and solvency of the Debtor and/or Guarantor are substantially adverse
    c) payment in whole or in part of three (3) consecutive loan installments or other amounts are overdue
    d) any other past due /termination events related to the Debtor and/or Guarantor occur according to law and the terms and conditions of the loan agreement
  • The Bank is entitled to terminate the loan agreement and declare the, at that time, owed amount immediately due and payable and ask for the full repayment of the loan proceeding with the liquidation/collection of the Debtor’s and/or Guarantor’s claims over deposits and/or investments and you will be charged with all relevant costs, judicial or non- judicial costs, fees of attorneys at law/notaries public/bailiffs etc.
  • In case of late payment of any amount from the loan, in whole or in part, you will be charged, ipso jure, with interest of late payment over the due and payable amounts at a percentage, each time determined by the Greek Authorities, today of 2.5 percentage points over the contractual interest rate of the loan.
  • In case you have any have any difficulties in respect to the fulfillment of your obligations deriving from the loan agreement (e.g. payment of your monthly instalments) or your personal or financial status is altered (for example work, address, financial circumstances etc.) you must communicate with us the soonest possible in order to seek for possible solutions according to the provisions of the Code of Conduct of para. 2 article 1 of law 4224/2013.

* Contribution of Law 128/75: 0.12%
** One (1) month Euribor: 0%
Loan expenses based on the Bank's price list currently in effect.

The bank does not provide consulting services and does not cooperate with any mediator to promote housing or other loans.

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