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Mortgage Loan with Floating Interest Rate from HSBC

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Realize your dream of having your own home

  • New loan
    Close the deal for your new home and get financing for up to 75% depending on the purpose and the duration of the loan. Choose a Mortgage Loan with Floating Rate linked to one-month or three-month Euribor from HSBC. Furthermore, HSBC finances the construction of your own home with financing of up to 60% depending on the area it is situated.
  • Loan transfer from another bank
    If you already have a home mortgage loan from another bank in Greece, you can transfer it to HSBC with a spread from 2.90%.
  • Possibility for choosing floating interest rate
    Take advantage of your options and choose between one-month a three-month Euribor floating reference interest rate.

* Plus 0.12% levy of Law 128/75
Loan expenses based on the Bank's price list currently in effect.

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