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A world of privileges through your payroll

When you work you don't simply offer service. You put maximum effort and contribute in the realisation and achievement of the business’ goals. Likewise, you don’t just want a payroll account, but instead a comprehensive plan that will offer you the most through your employment.

With the Complete Payroll Plan from HSBC you can benefit from a range of unique privileges. A world of banking services with preferential rates opens up in front of you and at the same time you can remain assured of your salary’s certain and speedy instalment.

Complete Payroll Account

Open a Complete Payroll Account from HSBC and benefit from the privileges offered, such as the preferable interest rate and monthly interest returns achieved from the very first euro. In other words, the more money you gather in your account, the more the returns through interest rate levels.
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Complete Payroll Debit Card

With the Complete Payroll Account you obtain a Debit Payroll Card from HSBC upon application. You can connect up to five HSBC accounts to your card and do your banking in countless service points in Greece and abroad. Purchases, withdrawals, cash deposits, balance queries and money transfers, all can be completed with safety due to the card’s built-in Chip & Pin technology.
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Insurance plans

Through the Complete Payroll Plan you have the chance of enjoying unique benefits on HSBC's Insurance Plans in cooperation with the largest insurance organisations globally.

You can insure your house or vehicle and benefit from exquisite services and competitive interest rates. For the future, you can choose a flexible guaranteed pension plan and set the pension amount as well as the period in which you wish to start receiving it.
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Express Banking Service

Simplify your banking transactions and earn more time with the comprehensive Express Banking Service. Whether in Greece or abroad, you can view balances and actions of accounts and cards, transfer money, send money abroad with very low fees and make payments. You can do so online using the HSBC Internet Banking Service, over the phone with the Phone Banking Service from HSBC, or using the ATM network. Easily, rapidly and safely, 24 hours a day, every day.
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Investment products

As an HSBC customer, you can benefit from the HSBC Group's ability to access all financial markets of the world and discover investment opportunities.
By choosing products offered exclusively from HSBC (e.g. HGIF) or, through HSBC, products of other investment houses (e.g. BlackRock, J.P. Morgan, Schroders), you have the flexibility to tailor your investments according to your needs and your personal investment profile.
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How to apply

Visit your nearest HSBC branch to find out more, to solve any queries and to choose the plan proposition and services that interest you.

Child Savings

Your child has high aspirations for the future.

Starting today, enhance its future with the Child Savings Insurance and Savings Plan.

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