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Overseas account opening

New country, fresh start, same service

Help yourself when moving abroad, quickly adjust to your new place of residence and immediately feel like home with the HSBC Premier Service.

As a customer of the service you may enjoy the following benefits:

  • Assistance for all necessary actions, and subject to local rules and respective regulations, for the opening of an account abroad and the reception of cards and checkbooks within ten working days. Visit one of the HSBC branches to go through the necessary actions and to receive extensive information.
  • Caring of all your financial needs, including the mortgage loan, from the HSBC Premier Personal Assistant in the country of your destination
  • Exclusive option for free access and managing of all your HSBC accounts through one Internet Banking Service connection and real-time capital transfers with beneficial exchange rates. Find out more on the Global View Demo
  • Customer Support Service covering you and your family anywhere in the world in case of emergency. More details in the section Global Safety Net planner
  • Assistance while moving abroad
  • HSBC Premier MasterCard® acceptance in 25 million businesses around the world, with no commission on purchases
  • Card balance and limit transfer in the new country of residence

The information is provided as a generic guide for reference purposes. Any benefits, characteristics and services may be subject to local.