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Student life in Britain made easy

The most intriguing phase of your life is about to begin in the best possible way, accompanied by the U Start! Service from HSBC. Now that you’re preparing to study in a British college or university, this service is tailored to your needs. It's for you to settle in Britain with greater ease and turn each day into a memorable experience.

With the U Start! Service you have a right hand in Britain for the whole of your study period. You get to have access to important information, the chance to organise your finances, ease in purchases and shopping and most importantly, safety.

In essence, you actually benefit from a bundle of services including a deposit account and debit card, a credit card, medical insurance and travel insurance. Of equal importance however, are the people willing to help you anytime during the day or night.

U Start! Student Account

Open a U Start! Student Account in Greece for you to have in Britain. This way, your parents will be able to send you money fast and easy and you will be safely served through the numerous HSBC branches.
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U Start! Debit Card

Upon applying for your student account, you automatically apply and obtain a U Start! Debit Card for around the clock banking through the HSBC ATM network in Britain (around 3,000 points of service) and through the HSBC branches in Greece and in most countries of the world. Ι At the same time, you can use your card for shopping and purchases in countless businesses worldwide.
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Phone Home Service

Even if you get into a difficult situation, you have the solution. With the Phone Home Service you call, free of charge, for urgent cash withdrawals, card replacement if it is lost or stolen and reissuance of your card's PIN code.

Express Banking Service

Do your banking fast, easy and with security at any time of day or night. With the comprehensive HSBC Express Banking Service you can either complete your transactions online using the HSBC Internet Banking Service or over the phone (landline or mobile) using the HSBC Phone Banking Service. Likewise, the ATMs are always at hand for immediate access to your accounts, wherever you are.
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You want control over your online transactions

You want control over your online transactions.

Get the Ctrl Card and do your online purchases safely.

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