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Financial Planning Service from HSBC

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Use your money efficiently by making the right decisions

  • Suitable alternatives, correct choices
    Use your money as efficiently as possible by making the right choices for you and your family.

    Turn to HSBC for help in managing your money and rely on the Global Group's expertise.

    With the Financial Planning Service you have a comprehensive investment support service at hand with experts that deliver ideal solutions and help you make the correct decisions when the time is right.
  • How the Financial Planning Service works
    You initially arrange for a meeting with the HSBC Financial Planning Manager in order to create your investment profile, which derives from a questionnaire relating to your actions (purchases, deposits), investments, your needs, your priorities and future plans

    The Financial Planning Manager evaluates your case carefully and returns with a comprehensive proposal which reflects your investment profile. He informs you about the options recommended, chosen from an extensive financial product range

    Your personal Financial Planning Proposal is the plan that uses the most suitable investment products to satisfy your demands and needs