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The awarded mutual funds series of HSBC

Expertise is essential when implementing an investment strategy to grow the financial wealth that you have created over time.

Thanks to our international scope, our presence in the principal financial centres and our management team based in Paris, we have developed the HSBC Select range of funds.

A range of funds designed for investors who wish to benefit from the recognised expertise of HSBC Group and regular monitoring of their financial wealth by the fund management team.

  • A three-step investment process

    The investment process involves strategic allocation for the long term with a quarterly review, tactical allocation for the short term with a weekly review as well as a weekly review of the portfolio construction and composition by the fund management team.
  • Direct access to our management team

    This management team is based in Paris and has a lengthy and extensive experience managing Multi-Asset mutual funds and in providing wealth solutions. The small-scale management team facilitates decision-making and reactivity. The team’s fund managers are able to draw on the resources of HSBC Group expertise in research, analysis and risk management.
  • Rigorous risk monitoring process

    The funds forming the HSBC Select range are subject to rigorous risk monitoring at several levels. Checks of the overall portfolio and underlying positions are performed regularly as well as stringent risk monitoring is by an independent team.
  • Common investment philosophy for the entire fund range

    The strong convictions of our fund managers are reflected in various sources of performance such as asset classes, geographic zones and currencies. The management approach favours highly diverse performance drivers and investment decisions are based on a strong conviction in securities that are commonly overlooked or undervalued. An overall dynamic and disciplined management process.


This information is not and cannot under any circumstances be deemed to be investment advice or an exhortation to invest

Source: HSBC Global Asset Management

Prior to making any investment decision, verify that the investment products you are examining meet your financial requirements and investment goals and consider the legislation that applies to your case. It is recommended that you refer to your usual consultants (lawyers, tax advisors, notaries, etc.) for help with your decision. Participation registrations in the UCITS sub capitals of the Luxembourg law of the HSBC portfolios described here can be undergone only in accordance to the current informative report, which you can obtain after request from HSBC Greece, from the topic guardian, the financial department or the representative. Investors should read the informative report for detailed information about the risks associated with the UCITS sub capitals of the Luxembourg right HSBC portfolios. Previous performances do not guarantee future ones. Like any other investment that is exposed to market fluctuations, the price of HSBC portfolio shares may fall or rise.