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World-class investment products with one move

  • Exclusive investment products

    Grab the opportunity to acquire investment product packages that are only offered by HSBC.
  • Global market access

    Benefit from the HSBC Group's ability to access the markets of the world and invest in them through the World Selection portfolios.
  • Different products, one investment

    Choose from five different investment portfolios the one that best suits your profile. The World Selection mutual funds are Fund of Funds type portfolios that combine different investment categories, sectors and geographic regions for the best possible performance.
  • Vigorous, expert investment management

    Turn the financial market instability into a possibility for profit. The best fund managers in the world monitor your investments closely and handle them by making appropriate decisions on your behalf.
  • Even better returns in the long run

    Invest freely for as long as you like, but go for a long-term stretch if you aim for greater returns.


Source: HSBC Global Asset Management

Prior to making any investment decision, verify that the investment products you are examining meet your financial requirements and investment goals and consider the legislation that applies to your case. It is recommended that you refer to your usual consultants (lawyers, tax advisors, notaries, etc.) for help with your decision. Participation registrations in the UCITS sub capitals of the Luxembourg law of the HSBC portfolios described here can be undergone only in accordance to the current informative report, which you can obtain after request from HSBC Greece, from the topic guardian, the financial department or the representative. Investors should read the informative report for detailed information about the risks associated with the UCITS sub capitals of the Luxembourg right HSBC portfolios. Previous performances do not guarantee future ones. Like any other investment that is exposed to market fluctuations, the price of HSBC portfolio shares may fall or rise.