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About HSBC - Why invest with HSBC

The value of HSBC

HSBC Bank plc is a member of the HSBC Group, one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. Its financial strength is built on maintaining a solid capital base, ensuring strong liquidity, a conservative approach on risk and well-diversified earnings both by geography and business type.

This primary focus on maintaining financial strength, since being established in 1865, means it is in a well-placed position to navigate through all economic and market conditions.
Comprising of a global team of analysts and more than 40 hand-picked fund managers, HSBC stands as one of the best in its respective markets. Its numbers confirm this:

  • Customers: around 60 million customers worldwide
  • Presence: in 80 countries and territories in Europe, The Americas, Asia, The Middle East and Africa
  • Offices: approximately 6,900 around the world
  • History: 148 years (founded in 1865)

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Global expertise with around the clock investment monitoring

From one perspective globalisation can be viewed as the influence that one economy may have on other markets. This chain of reactions that may source from any alteration in one country’s industry may cause a change in your investments, even if these are in another continent. To turn this phenomenon into an opportunity, HSBC has designed a global investment network composed of local experts (investment analysts and fund managers), both from within and outside The Bank, which are dedicated in bringing the best investment opportunities from the most important trading markets of the world.

HSBC World Selection is composed of connected teams of analysts in London, Paris, Dusseldorf, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, Toronto, Bogota, Taiwan, Shanghai and Sao Paulo. These teams research and recruit local experts in order to discover exceptional investment managers and external fund providers.

In turn, for every market that is open for business, these people monitor activity, bring in real-time data and intelligently invest on your behalf. Being close to the markets means there is a greater likelihood of finding the hidden gems of growth opportunities. When Tokyo closes, New York is opening. When London is winding down for the day, Sao Paulo is gearing up for business. At HSBC you will have a real multinational team monitoring your investments around the clock, ready to guide you through any unexpected market conditions and either achieve additional returns or minimise losses. Whenever necessary, through the HSBC advisor experts you can update your chosen portfolio to ensure it meets its objectives.