HSBC Premier Account

  • HSBC Premier Debit Card
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • Free phone banking and online banking registration
  • Get preferential access to some of the most prestigious banking products, services and rewards that we have to offer

HSBC Premier focuses on the most important economy in the world. Yours.

HSBC U Start! Student Account

  • Personalised help by HSBC experts
  • U Start! Debit Card for easy access to your account on a 24/7 basis
  • Quarterly account activity statement for account checking and history
  • Phone home service for making calls from a landline, free of charge, and getting instant service

Open your own U Start! Student Account from HSBC and you’ll be certain you have everything you need while living in the UK

HSBC Advanced Statement Savings Account

  • Instant access to the money saved in your account
  • Increasing interest rates on deposits
  • Interest from the very first euro, with no minimum deposit required
  • Check your account activity on a quarterly basis by receiving a copy of your bank statement by mail or by e-mail

Flexible savings with a higher return on your deposits.

HSBC USD Term Deposit

  • Enjoy more interest compared to standard savings
  • Choose the duration of your deposit (6, 9 or 12 months) with guaranteed capital on the end date
  • Manage all your HSBC accounts everywhere in the world with a single connection and transfer your money in real time with preferential exchange rate pricing

Term deposit in US dollars with 2.8% interest rate for new customers, and a global banking experience worth discovering.