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Advanced Statement Savings Account

Flexible savings with a higher return on your deposits

HSBC Advanced Statement Savings Account

Saving doesn't mean having constraints. It means freedom. Put freedom in your life. Open an Advanced Statement Savings Account from HSBC and select the currency in which you wish to make your savings. Euros, U.S. dollars, British pounds sterling and most major currencies globally, are all at your disposal.

Key features and benefits

  • Instant account access
    Any time you like you have instant access to the money saved in your HSBC Advanced Statement Savings Account.
  • Increasing interest rates on deposits
    The more money you accumulate in your account the greater the return through tiered interest rates.
  • Interest from the very first euro
    Receive interest from the very first euro saved, with no minimum deposit required.
  • Quarterly account activity statement
    Check your account activity on a quarterly basis by receiving a copy of your bank statement by mail or by e-mail if you are an Internet Banking user.
  • Debit Card for access to your account as well as product and services purchases
    Over 5,500 points of service in Greece through the HSBC ATM network, the Alphanet network and the DIAS interbank system.
  • Flexible banking
    Option of carrying out banking transactions in over 160 countries and regions worldwide and one million service spots through the HSBC ATM network and all ATMs bearing the VISA PLUS logo. Plus the option of free automatic bill payments at over 60 companies.
  • Access to online services
    Speed up your transactions with the HSBC Phone Banking and Internet Banking services. Complete card and bill payments, check your account activity and history of the last six (6) months, from wherever you are through the Global View1 Service. Send money orders and transfer money in real time with the Global Transfers1 Service.

Required documents

If you're not already an HSBC customer, make sure you have the necessary documents with you before applying.

Apply to HSBC

If you would like to become an HSBC customer:

or visit your nearest HSBC branch.

Already an HSBC customer?

If you're already an HSBC customer, you can apply for an Advance Statement Savings Account online by:

  • accessing the Internet Banking service and opening an account online 
  • registering with the service and then opening an account online if you are not already an Internet Banking user

1Applies only for clients of HSBC Premier and HSBC Advance Service.

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