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USD Term Deposit Account

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HSBC Term Deposit Account in USD

The right investment move can create the conditions that will help you realize your dreams. When you make a new start with the support of a bank that has global presence and expertise, you can discover new destinations, travel more, explore the world with your children and much more.  


The HSBC Term Deposit account in US dollars offers 0.75% interest rate for new customers and a global banking experience worth discovering.

Why choose this account?

  • Get flexibility and better returns

    Enjoy more interest compared to standard savings with guaranteed capital on the end date, for flexibility, security and better returns on your money when you open a term deposit account with HSBC

  • Access global expertise

    Our expertise and security as one of the largest banking and financial groups in the world means you can be sure your investment is in the best hands

  • Manage your account anywhere in the world

    With leading services like Global View and Global Transfers, you can manage all your HSBC accounts wherever you are with a single connection, and transfer your money in real time with preferential exchange rate pricing. Plus, you can do it all with the speed and security of our technology.

Things you should know

  • this offer applies only for retail customers
  • the offer is valid until 31 December 2021.
  • interest rate and duration: 0.75% annualized return for a 12 month term deposit
  • minimum term deposit amount is 20,000 US dollars
  • maximum term deposit amount is 1 million US dollars
  • deposit interest is subject to a 15% tax, as per applicable law
  • we reserve the right to change the existing terms and conditions of the offer (including the amount) or to end the offer any time without warning
  • we reserve the right to reject any application for account opening
  • this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • if a customer violates the terms of the offer, we reserve the right not to open the term deposit with the preferential interest rate
  • for the existing customers of the Bank, the interest rate is valid for transfer of funds to HSBC which did not exist in the customer's accounts before 01/05/2021 (either in deposits or in investments)
  • in case of currency conversion, the customer recognizes the existence of foreign exchange risk
  • at the end of the Term any renewal will be agreed at that time with the current interest rates of the Bank
  • recommendations from financial advisers, professional intermediaries or anyone we consider to be acting in a professional capacity they are not entitled to participate in the offer

How to apply

Apply in branch

Visit one of our branches today to find out more about opening a term deposit in US dollars.

Call us on:

801 11 71717 or +30 210 69 62100 (from mobile)


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