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Code of conduct

Code of Conduct under Law 4224/2013 (DECISION 392/31.05.2021 BoG)

HSBC Continental Europe, Greece, operates in accordance with the Code of Conduct under Law 4224/2013 as revised by the Decision 392/31.05.2021 (Bank of Greece), effective January 2015, which is a State initiative under the supervision of the Bank of Greece. 

Code of Conduct mainly refers to Financial Institutions in order to settle the private arrears of their borrowers, considering their classification as "Cooperative" or not and respective Reasonable Living Expenses.

According to the Code of Conduct under Law 4224/2013, the following steps should be followed in handling loans in arrears or loans with evidence of possible delay:

  1. Communication with the borrower
  2. Collection of financial and other information from the borrower
  3. Assessment of financial data
  4. Proposal of an appropriate solution
  5.  Appeals Review Process (ARP)


The following is excluded from the scope of this Code:

  • (a) claims arising from agreements that have already been terminated before 1.1.2015
  • (b) claims on a borrower which has applied for inclusion in the scope of Law 3869/2010 and a trial date has been set
  • (c) claims on a borrower which is subject to judicial enforcement proceedings instituted by third-party creditors or a borrower which has already been placed under liquidation, in accordance with the legislation in force.

Where a borrower, on his own initiative, appears and submits the information required under the present Code for an assessment of his repayment capacity, the institution is obliged to assign such borrower to Step 3 of ARP, irrespective of whether the relevant claims fall within the scope of exclusions under points (a) and (b) above.

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