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HSBC Premier Mastercard®

Open up a world of benefits

HSBC Premier Mastercard®

The HSBC Premier Mastercard® is your entry to a better way of spending. Exclusively available to HSBC Premier customers, this card offers competitive interest rates, global rewards and a wide variety of special offers in retail, dining, travel, entertainment and more.


  • Preferential interest rate 7.99%

    Enjoy a preferential interest rate of 7.99% for new purchases made with the HSBC Premier MasterCard®. This offer is valid for 24 months from the day you open your account, after which the card’s regular interest rate will come into effect 1, 2
  • Purchases in over 160 countries and regions worldwide

    The HSBC Premier Mastercard® is accepted by millions of businesses in over 160 countries worldwide, so you can enjoy our global benefits wherever you travel
  • Worldwide reward program

    Get the most from your card with our HSBC Home & Away rewards programme, which entitles you to exclusive offers on shopping, dining, entertainment and travel experiences in over 160 countries worldwide
  • Discounted hotel bookings

    Receive a 10% discount on selected hotel bookings with your HSBC Premier Credit Card via Agoda and Ministri of Villas. Instructions for hotel booking (PDF, 128KB)
  • Emergency cash

    If your card is lost or stolen at any time, HSBC Premier offers an emergency cash advance of up to USD 2,000 while you wait for your card replacement
  • Balance transfer interest rate

    Transfer your outstanding credit card balances onto your Premier Mastercard® to enjoy a preferential rate until the balance is paid off. Our balance transfer processes have been simplified to make it easier than ever to consolidate any outstanding debts you may have. To learn more about this, please speak to your Relationship Manager or contact our phone banking service
  • Minimum monthly payment of 2%

    Your minimum monthly deposit on the Premier Mastercard® is just 2% of your total balance, up to a minimum monthly instalment of €10 per month.
  • Earn Qmiles with every transaction

    For every euro spent with your card anywhere in the world, you will earn one Qmile point, which can later be exchanged for exclusive rewards including flight tickets, additional baggage or cabin upgrades. To start collecting points, simply provide your Privilege Club membership number to your Relationship Manager, or at any branch of HSBC Greece. To become a Privilege Club member, visit
  • Complimentary Burgundy membership for Privilege Club holders

    Upgrade to Burgundy level to receive exclusive travel benefits, such as an extra 10kg of luggage for Qatar Airways flights. You can also sign up to nine family members to add more Qmiles to your account, or earn additional reward points when using Privilege Club Air Partners services or non-air services such as hotels, car rental and travel partners. For more information, please visit
  • Use your points to help SOS Children Villages
    Alternatively, you can transform the points that you earn from your card into a contribution for the SOS Children’s Villages or any other charitable institution the bank may choose. Simply notify your Premier Relationship Manager and we’ll convert your points into a meaningful donation3
  • Goldair 60% airport lounge discount

    Your Premier Mastercard® provides discounted access to luxurious Goldair lounges* in three major Greek airports – Athens, Heraklion Crete and Mykonos, allowing you extra space to work, dine or relax while you wait for your flight; Information for Goldair lounge access (PDF, 326KB).

1Terms of the preferential interest rate 7.99% programme for new purchases:

The preferential interest rate regards purchases that will be effected from 08 February 2019 up until 31 December 2022 (the transaction date is taken into account). The preferential interest rate will be valid for two years, e.g. for a transaction that will be effected on 31 December 2022 the preferential interest rate will remain until 31 December 2024. The client’s card must not be in delay during the issuance of the last card statement in order to enjoy the preferential interest rate. In case the card falls in delay, the amounts will cease to be charged with the preferential interest rate and the regular rate will be applied without the possibility of restoring the preferential rate. In case the card closes, the amounts will stop being charged with the preferential interest rate without the possibility of restoring it.

2Total Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APR) for the preferential interest rate 7.99% programme for new purchases: For purchases of €3,000 paid in 12 equal installments with nominal interest rate 7.99% plus levy of Law 128/75 of 0.60% and without annual subscription for the main card, amounts to 8.94%. Therefore, for an amount of €3,000 the total payment is €3.141,29.

3The Premier Customer / Cardholder may, by notifying the bank, in relation to his/her choice for the points in favour of the SOS Villages or any other institution the bank may choose.

Eligibility criteria

To apply for a HSBC Premier Mastercard®, you must hold a HSBC Premier account. This account is available to customers who meet at least one of the following criteria.

  • total savings or investments with HSBC of €60,000 or more
  • hold a mortgage with us to a minimum value of €200,000

How to apply

Apply by phone

To apply for your HSBC Premier Mastercard® by phone, call us on 801 11 71717 or complete the form below to request a call back.

Apply in branch

You can also apply for a HSBC Premier Mastercard® by visiting your nearest local branch.

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