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U Start! debit card from HSBC

A card that comes in handy for your active lifestyle

U Start! debit card

The U Start! Debit Card from HSBC has built-in Chip & Pin technology so you can carry out your daily transactions with even greater safety. Use it in the UK, in Greece and the rest of the world.

Key features and benefits

  • Purchases in over 160 countries and regions worldwide
    The primary linked account is always at your disposal through the U Start! Debit Card from HSBC. You can shop freely in the UK, in Greece and in any other location around the world.
  • Access to your account from anywhere
    With the U Start! Debit Card from HSBC you have immediate access to your U Start! deposit account on a 24/7 basis. Access from anywhere in the UK, Greece or any other location.
  • Convenient transactions
    Your banking transactions, cash withdrawals and balance account queries are simple procedures with the U Start! Debit Card from HSBC. You can access these services at over 3,000 HSBC ATMs in the UK and at thousands of ATMs worldwide through the Alphanet and DIAS networks as well as at ATMs with the VISA PLUS logo.
  • Money transfer option
    Access to the primary linked savings or current account through the ATM DIAS network in Greece and most ATMs of the VISA PLUS network abroad.
  • Link to savings or current accounts
    Option of linking up to five savings or current accounts in euros with your debit card.
  • SMS Alerts Service
    Receive a text message on your mobile phone every time you make a purchase or cash withdrawal with your debit card.
  • Free online registration and immediate access to online banking
    Allowing you to check the history of your transactions and the available balance.

Requirements for a U Start! debit card

To enjoy the benefits of the program, it is a prerequisite that you are a customer of the U Start! service.

Apply for a U Start! debit card

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