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Global View and Global Transfers

Access and manage your worldwide HSBC accounts online

Move money between your globally linked accounts

As an HSBC Premier or HSBC Advance customer, you can experience one view of all your global HSBC accounts and make instant fee-free transfers between them.

HSBC Global View and Global Transfers

Get started by logging on to your online banking account.

Key information

Global view

  • Log on once to view and manage all your accounts on one screen
  • Link all your accounts within HSBC in participating countries and regions (note: you can’t link the account of a family member or friend)

Global transfers

  • Transfer money in different currencies instantly between your accounts linked on HSBC Global View
  • Transfer up to a maximum of €50,000 per day on online banking

Eligibility and fees


  • This service is only available via online banking
  • Available for HSBC Premier and Advance customers


HSBC Premier and Advance customers enjoy free access to this service. 

If the debit account is in a currency other than Euro, an HSBC Advance customer is charged with the equivalent. For more details, please refer to Global Transfer Fee Tariff (PDF, 206KB)

How to access Global View and Global Transfers

HSBC customers registered for online banking

HSBC Premier and Advance customers can log on to set up or access Global View.

HSBC customers not registered for online banking

If you are not already registered for online banking, you can do so in just a few clicks and discover the benefits.

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