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'Member get member' rewards programme

Introduce a friend to HSBC Premier and be rewarded

Good experiences should be shared

Sharing your HSBC Premier experience with a friend could be pleasant as well as rewarding. Introduce your friends to our HSBC Premier Service, and for each new HSBC Premier account, you'll each be rewarded with a deposit of 100€ to your accounts or a dinner for two.

The only thing you need to do to recommend your friend is download and complete the below brochure and give it to your Premier Relationship Manager. If your friend contacts us and accepts the invite to join HSBC Premier, we will reward both of you with a deposit of 100€ to your accounts or a dinner for two.

HSBC Premier benefits

Here's a reminder of the benefits you enjoy as a Premier customer, and what your friend can benefit from, too:

  • An accredited and knowledgeable HSBC Premier Relationship Manager supported by a team of specialists to help you manage your wealth and transactions
  • Innovative financial planning tool and access to over 100 international investment products; 7 leading investment firms to help you design the right investment plan based on your personal economy
  • Ability to monitor all your accounts worldwide easily online with HSBC Global View & Global Transfers
  • Specialised insights on your children's education and your future retirement needs through the international surveys conducted on behalf of HSBC "Education Abroad" and "The Future of Retirement"
  • Designated Premier areas at HSBC branches for discretionary service. Also, you enjoy recognition as a Premier customer in all HSBC countries
  • Premier Mastercard credit card with a range of travel privileges

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HSBC Premier provides a range of benefits to help you manage your personal economy.


Discover the world of privileges provided with HSBC Premier.