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Family benefits

Teach your children the value of money

One of the most important life skills you can teach your children is an appreciation of the value of money.

With our HSBC Premier family savings accounts, now you can give your children the freedom to manage their own money - but with your guidance.

Protecting your family

To make sure your family and loved ones are protected now, and in the future, your HSBC Premier Relationship Manager can help you manage your HSBC Premier account and your other financial arrangements.

They can help you understand the options available to provide financial security for your dependents. These may  include home or children’s education, and other financial circumstances.

Your children's future and education

We know that your family, business, personal and financial circumstances alter over time. Your HSBC Premier Relationship Manager will be there to help ensure that your savings and investments continuously reflect your needs and priorities, including providing for your children’s future and education.

Global safety net

Whether your children are going abroad to study or just for the experience of travelling, it’s good to know they’re not on their own. With HSBC Premier, your family also benefits from some of the features you enjoy.