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Relationship manager

Your personal economy is as unique as you are

That's why we tailor our services and advice to your individual needs. Our Relationship Managers start by putting together a picture of your entire financial life and then create a bespoke financial strategy designed just for you.

What's more is that they are supported by our global network which consists of thousands of experts in different fields. This level of personal service means that everyone is treated in a totally personalized manner.

  • An accredited and knowledgeable HSBC Premier Relationship Manager supported by a team of specialists to help you manage your wealth and transactions
  • Specialist advice and financial planning to help you fulfil your hopes, dreams and ambitions
  • Access to the expertise provided by HSBC’s specialists, Mutual Funds’ managers, among HSBC Global Asset Management

Our success is measured by how well we meet your needs

We take your personal economy personally. Our Relationship Managers are measured on how well they meet your needs and how happy you are with their service. We believe this approach to rewarding our people is a better way of ensuring a higher level of service and the success of your personal economy.

And to make sure you’re happy, we also offer extensive advice in education, insurance, retirement, legacy, managing and growing wealth.

  • Comprehensive wealth solutions to support your needs across, education, insurance, retirement, legacy, managing and growing wealth
  • Personal satisfaction as a priority. Our HSBC Premier Relationship Managers’ success is measured on how well they support your personal economy.