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Financial planning service

Make sure you're using your money efficiently, whatever stage of your life

Make well-informed financial decisions

In today's fast-moving world, effective wealth management is key to achieving success. But sometimes it can be hard to tell what investment solutions are ideal for you. That's where our financial planning service comes in. You'll get comprehensive investment support to help you on your way.

Create a financial strategy

We're here to help with your investment decisions.

Why use the financial planning service?

  • Investment expertise
    Our experienced financial planning managers are trained according to strict HSBC standards and all bear special accreditation.
  • Personalised advice
    Work closely with our financial planning managers to create a financial strategy fit for your personal needs.
  • Portfolio creation
    Our advisers will come up with a comprehensive portfolio of investment products for your consideration, which you can choose to accept or reject.
  • Strictly confidential
    Our meetings and recommendations are bespoke to you and go no further.

How it works

You'll initially arrange a meeting with one of our financial planning managers. At this first meeting, you'll fill in a questionnaire that will help us in creating your investment profile. It gives us insight into your actions (purchases, deposits), existing investments, needs, priorities and future plans.

The financial planning manager will evaluate your case carefully and return with a comprehensive proposal that reflects your personal demands and needs. You'll also get a full breakdown of the recommended investments, chosen from our extensive range.

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Plan your financial future

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