HSBC offers a wide range of mutual funds from top management firms that distribute dividends. Such investment products offer many options as they cover all asset classes (stocks, bonds, commodities) and all  geographical areas (America, Europe, Asia), thus providing a wide diversification.

Why invest in mutual funds that distribute income?

The very low interest rates prevailing today result in the reduction of the income deriving from interest and bonds. In such an environment, HSBC France, Athens Branch, distributes mutual funds from top asset management companies that aim to achieve and distribute high dividend yield.

Characteristics of the products

Dispersion of investments

These mutual funds invest in different geographical areas and asset classes that have low correlation among them, thus trying to reduce the volatility of the investments.

Where do they invest?

Mutual funds, which invest only in equity instruments concerning European companies (European equity funds) as well as in companies worldwide (global equity funds), are available.  Furthermore, you can select mutual funds that invest in corporate and government bonds (bond funds), as well as balanced mutual funds (multi-asset funds) that invest in stocks, bonds and commodities, thus achieving a wide dispersion of investments.

Regular distibution of dividend

Depending on the product selection, the dividend is distributed on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Available in various currencies

These products are available in euros and US dollars. Minimum invested amount is 3,000 euros or US dollars.

Managed by experts

A team of experienced mutual funds managers around the world closely monitor these investments and manage them by taking the appropriate decisions. 

Available products

The mutual funds that distribute dividends are the following:

  • BGF European Equity Income (currency EUR)
  • BGF Global Equity Income (currency EUR)
  • BGF Global Equity Income (currency USD)
  • BGF Emerging Markets Equity Income (currency EUR)
  • SISF Emerging Multi Asset Income (currency EUR)
  • SISF Emerging Multi Asset Income (currency USD)
  • PIMCO Income (currency EUR)
  • PIMCO Income (currency USD)
  • JPM Global Income Fund (currency EUR)
  • JPM Global Income Fund (currency USD)
  • SISF Global Credit Income Fund (currency EUR)
  • SISF Global Credit Income Fund (currency USD)

There is no lock-in period

You can invest with no time restriction for as long as you wish, but you may also consider the possibility of investing in a long-term framework, if you seek high returns.

Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (UCITS) don't have a guaranteed return and previous performance does not guarantee future performance.

The information on this page is not and cannot under any circumstances be deemed as investment advice or an exhortation to invest.

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