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March 2023 - Markets torn between cyclical optimism and rate hike fears

February 2023 - China's reopening and easing inflation support risk assets

January 2023 - Stay defensive while silver linings emerge

November 2022 - Rebalancing exposure to high quality bonds

October 2022 - Position defensively as focus turns to slowing growth

July 2022 - Invest resiliently amid growth slowdown

May 2022 - Inflation and rate outlook drive market volatility 

April 2022 - Central banks tighten on high inflation

March 2022 - Geopolitical tensions: Modestly reducing portfolio risk

January 2022 - Positive on markets despite Omicron and higher rates

December 2021 - Stay invested but prepare for possible volatility

November 2021 - Volatility ahead, but stay invested

October 2021 - Keep your portfolios resilient

September 2021 - Stay invested but be (portfolio) resilient

August 2021 - Markets should rise further but may slow

July 2021 - Markets to push higher despite Fed comments

June 2021 - Starting the next phase of the recovery

May 2021 - Staying the course to new heights

April 2021 - Inflation concerns likely a temporary issue

Investor resources and market updates

Think Future 2023: Your guide to the global investment landscape

Staying defensive while on the outlook for silver linings

While we expect markets to continue facing the headwinds of sticky inflation, rising interest rates and slowing economic momentum in 2023, we see some silver linings on the horizon. Given the opportunities and challenges ahead, it’s important for customers to stay invested and diversified.

Read the latest Think Future (PDF, 4.1MB) to get the full picture.

Watch the video WPB Think Future 2023

Think Future – 2nd half 2022: Your guide to the global investment landscape 

Where do markets go from here?  

2022 has so far been characterized by slowing growth, high inflation and policy tightening by central banks. Geopolitics and the resurgence of Covid-19 have also disrupted supply chains, causing commodity prices to surge. Fears around inflation and higher interest rates have spiked market volatility. Concurrently, shocks from Covid-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war are creating structural changes that are bringing more complexities to the table.

What does this mean for investors?

Download the document: Think Future – 2nd half 2022 (PDF, 2.3MB)


Think Future 2022: Your guide to the global investment landscape  

Capturing growth with focus on quality

The beginning of 2022 marks two years since the start of the pandemic, and what an eventful time it has been. Covid-19 continues to weigh on the investment landscape. Daily life has changed profoundly, with digital technology playing a deeper role in how we work, consume and interact. Sustainable investing, meanwhile, has entered the mainstream, driving progress toward the global net zero objective. So what does 2022 have in store?

Download the document: Think Future 2022 (PDF, 4.6MB)

Investment behavior tips

5 Steps to Successful Investing

As the saying goes, opportunities are reserved for the prepared. For investors, what does it mean by having sufficient preparation? The five steps we present in following informative document should help you identify your needs, decide the most suitable asset allocation, and lead you toward your financial goals step by step.

Download the entire document 5 Steps to Successful Investing


5 Tips to Handle Market Volatility

As part of our ongoing effort to provide timely and comprehensive support to your banking and investment needs, we have created a small handbook of Good Investment Practices.

Our brochure "5 tips to handle market volatility "offers basic guidance to investors who want to work with more confidence, in an investment environment characterized by volatility and instability.

Download the entire brochure 5 Tips to Handle Market Volatility

Previous editions

Think Future - 2nd half 2021: Your guide to the global investment landscape

At the midpoint of 2021, the overall outlook continues to be positive, albeit with some countries battling new waves and variants of Covid-19. Since January, financial markets have benefited from a strong cocktail of monetary and fiscal stimuli mixed with positive vaccine sentiment. However, the improving outlook has also raised concerns around higher inflation, resulting in temporary volatility.

Learn more: Think Future - 2nd half 2021 (PDF, 1.84MB)


Think Future 2021: Your guide to the global investment landscape

Despite the outbreak of the pandemic, financial markets have reached new highs, and optimism has resurfaced with recent vaccine developments. The challenges and their outcome will determine the path to recovery.

Download the document: Think Future 2021: Your guide to the global investment landscape (PDF, 688KB)


Five things about China’s New Five-Year Plan

China's 14th Five-Year Plan for 2021-2025 provides the country's roadmap focusing on qualitative rather than numerical targets for sustainable and quality growth. Further economic and policy announcements, which could offer a positive catalyst for the markets, are expected over the coming months. We remain 'Overweight' for Chinese equities and bonds within our global asset allocation strategy. 

Learn more: Five things about China’s New Five-Year Plan


Special Coverage: US Elections: Positioning your portfolio for the polls

The US Election is just two weeks away. To help you understand what you should watch out for and what the outcome could mean for your portfolios, we have outlined different possible outcomes, and likely investment implications under each scenario. 

Download the document US Elections: Positioning your portfolio for the polls (PDF, 537KB)


Key Investment themes for Q4 2020

Although fragile, the world economy is in better shape than it was back in June, when countries began to emerge from lockdown. However, consumers are still cautious and many restrictions remain in place. With the virus capable of resurgence and a high-stakes US election approaching, continued volatility is likely. Our themes for this quarter reflect the unpredictability of the situation, but also the fact that volatility brings opportunities.

Watch the video for Key Investment themes for Q4 2020

Mid-Year Investment Outlook: The trend accelerator

The rapid reversal of the “bear market” has led many investors to label the stock-market action as irrational. At the same time, we see that Covid-19 is accelerating trends already in play before the crisis, such as the increased take-up of technology and sustainability issues. Read the latest update from HSBC Global Asset Management and acquire a full view on the outlook for the second semester of 2020.

Download the document Mid-Year Investment Outlook: The trend accelerator

Special Coverage: To Buy or Not to Buy?

In these uncertain times, the expectation of further volatility in the market has many investors asking one question - ‘to buy, or not to buy?’

Our latest update from the HSBC Global Asset Management team presents a full view of the current economic landscape, plus a closer look at the investment outlook over the coming months.

Download the document Το Buy or Not to Buy?


Special edition: Fear in the Markets. The Smart Investor’s Response

Find out about the estimations of HSBC Global Asset Management (HGAM) on the markets as well as the 4 themes proposed to investors over the coming months. 

Download the document Fear in the Markets: The Smart Investor’s Response (PDF, 420KB).

Investment Outlook. Year-end review and 2020 outlook: The Age of Uncertainty

Read the 'Investment Outlook. Year-end review and 2020 outlook' commentary and get a complete view of the economic environment of 2019, as well as the investment outlook for 2020.

Download the document Investment Outlook 2020 (PDF, 789KB)

Mid Year Investment Outlook 2019

Download the entire document Mid Year Investment Outlook 2019

2019 Investment Outlook: Back to 'reality'

Download the entire commentary 2019 Investment Outlook