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Mutual Funds Key Investor Information Documents

On this page you may find Key Investors Information Documents for:

Note: The PDFs are in Greek only

For the processing of mutual fund subscription/redemption application forms there are specific branch cut off times in place depending on each asset management company. Download here the branch cut off times table. 

Balanced Funds

Bond Funds

Emerging Markets Debt / High Yield Bonds

Emerging Markets Bonds

Euro Corporate Bonds

European Government Bonds

Global Bonds

High Yield Bonds

Inflation Linked Bonds

Short Duration Bonds

US Bonds

US Corporate Bonds

Equity Funds

Environmental - Social - Governance Funds

Asia Pacific Equity Funds

Country Specific Equity Funds

Emerging Markets Equity Funds

European Equity Funds

European Small Cap Equity Funds

Global Equity Funds

Japanese Equity Funds

REITs Equity Funds

Region Specific Equity Funds

Sector Specific Equity Funds

US Equity Funds