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Portfolio transfer

Start your investment journey with HSBC and earn a gain of up to €500

Whatever you need, we’re here for you

We all have financial goals we want to achieve. You may be hoping to buy property or start a new business venture, or you may simply wish to set a pot of money aside to provide for your family’s future.

Whatever you want to do, a strong investment portfolio can be an excellent strategy to keep your finances on the right track. Take advantage of our global investment services today, and for a limited time you could earn up to €500 by either investing for the first time through HSBC, or by transferring an existing portfolio to us.   

Why invest with HSBC?

At HSBC we offer access to a global investment market with options to suit all kinds of investors. Our dedicated wealth specialists will work closely with you to help you develop an investment strategy that reflects your personal needs, priorities, including assessing your attitude to risk.

Our world class investment services include:

    • Access to more than 150 investment products from 9 leading Fund Houses, including HSBC Asset Management.
    • Experienced financial planning managers, who can recommend solutions based on your investment profile and personal objectives.
    • Remote wealth management services that allow you to contact our relationship managers via telephone and Zoom application. Furthermore, you can perform subscriptions and redemptions over the phone for bonds and for mutual funds under specific conditions.
    • Exclusive online events for Premier* customers. Delivered via Zoom, these webcast series feature guest speakers from leading investment fund houses, who will analyse issues related to specific asset classes, sectors and markets.

    Invest for the first time through HSBC or transfer your portfolio to us, the bank with the global investment expertise, and win up to €500 in your account.

    Transfer your portfolio to us or invest for the first time through HSBC and earn up to €500

    Visit an HSBC branch today and find out how you can earn up to €500 when you transfer your portfolio to us or invest for the first time through HSBC.

    Important notes

    Τhe offer is valid from 1 until 28 February 2023.

    The minimum amounts for the portfolio transfers or for investments from first time investors and the respective reward are:

    • €5,000-€20,000: €100 gain
    • €20,001-€75,000: €250 gain
    • more than €75,001: €500 gain


    First Time Investors: New HSBC customers or existing HSBC customers with no investments and with no investment redemptions or subscriptions since 01/09/2019. The payment of the respective amount is made electronically to the HSBC accounts of the client who opened an account and transferred an investment portfolio worth over €5,000.

    Transferring an existing portfolio:
    Please contact one of our branches for information on eligible investment products and terms & conditions.

    We reserve the right to change the existing terms and conditions of the offer (including the amount) or to end the offer at any time without warning.

    *Premier eligibility criteria

    New customers need to hold a minimum of €60,000 or currency equivalent in deposits and / or investments with us.

    Terms and Conditions

    1. The payment for portfolio transfers and / or for new investments is made electronically to the customer's HSBC accounts depending on the amounts transferred/invested: for €5,000 to € 20,000, profit € 100, for €20,001 up to €75,000, profit €250 and for over €75,001, profit €500.
    2. The value of the portfolio will be assessed on the date on which the transfer of titles to HSBC will be finalized.
    3. We reserve the right to reject any application to open an HSBC Premier account and we are not obliged to justify such rejections.
    4. The offer for "new investors" applies to new customers who will invest at least 5,000 euros or to existing customers who will invest for the first time through HSBC at least the same amount. The offer for portfolio transfers is valid for all customers (new or existing) who will transfer at least 5,000 euros, based on the Bank's product requirements.
    5. All HSBC employees are not eligible to participate in the offer.
    6. Recommendations from financial advisors, professional intermediaries or any of us who are considered to be acting in their professional capacity are not entitled to participate in the offer.
    7. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.
    8. We reserve the right to change the existing terms and conditions of the offer (including the amount) or to end the offer at any time without warning.
    9. If we consider that a customer is violating the terms of the program, we reserve the right not to pay the amount.
    10. Investment products that can be transferred are Mutual Funds from investment houses that cooperate with HSBC Continental Europe, Greece as well as bonds that the Bank's custody can accept.
    11. Mutual funds that pay dividends with shares of mutual funds cannot be transferred.
    12. In the case of bonds, the portfolio must be transferred to HSBC in the same final beneficiaries’ names as those in the existing custodian.

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