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An efficient management of your portfolio could allow you to focus on everything that really matters to you. Transfer your investment portfolio to us or invest for the first time through HSBC and we can offer you our global network, our experienced Relationship Managers and expertise to ensure your portfolio reflects your goals.

We can expand your horizons with over 400 investment products from 8 top investment houses. We also provide personalised financial planning services and direct access to your investments online.

Transfer your portfolio to us with global investment expertise and win €500

With HSBC you'll have:

    • Access to a multinational investment network with connected teams of analysts in countries throughout the world to analyse your investments around the clock
    • Expertise from our financial planning managers, who can recommend the optimal solutions based on your investment profile and targets
    • Active involvement in your wealth holdings through our online banking service, allowing you to buy and sell funds online with speed and security
    • A dedicated Relationship Manager (HSBC Premier customers), providing personal guidance adapted to your specific needs

    Transfer your portfolio to us or invest for the first time through HSBC and win up to €500

    Visit an HSBC branch today and find out how you can transfer your portfolio to us or invest for the first time through HSBC and win up to €500 in your account.

    The offer is valid for new and existing customers until the end of April.

    Important notes

    Minimum amounts for transfer or new investors:

    5:000€-20.000€: 100 euros gain

    20.001€-75000: 250 euros gain

    More than 75.000€: 500 euros gain

    As it concerns Portfolio Transfers, the aforementioned amounts only apply to investment products supported by our platform. Ask an adviser about which mutual funds and bonds are supported.

    We reserve the right to change the existing terms and conditions of the offer (including the amount) or to end the offer at any time without warning.

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