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HSBC Global Investment funds

Over 50 funds covering a variety of asset categories, investment styles and geographical regions

Tap into emerging markets

Created and managed by HSBC Global Asset Management – one of the world's top emerging market asset management firms – this range of over 50 funds provides an exciting list of opportunities supported by a tailored client service.

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Why invest in HSBC Global Investment funds?

  • Best-in-class asset management
    HSBC Global Asset Management handles assets worth USD 428 billion and has offices in 20 countries and regions with over 500 investment professionals.
  • Diversification built-in
    Each fund in the range is a complete and balanced investment, including all types of assets, from shares and bonds to alternative investment types.
  • Competitive advantage
    Our global presence and experience in emerging markets gives our fund managers valuable local knowledge.
  • Risk management
    Our fund managers work within strict control parameters, so they develop investment strategies focused on risk management.
  • Available in a range of currencies
    HSBC Global Investment funds are offered in euros, US dollars and British pound sterling.
  • No lock-in period
    Invest freely for as long as you like, but go for a long-term investment if your aim is greater returns.
  • Online exclusives
    Some products are available exclusively through our online platform, including commodity company shares, healthcare and technology shares, emerging market shares and bonds, North American shares and bonds, portfolio mix strategies and global bonds.
  • Online discounts
    Benefit from 0.5% off subscription fees and free online fund redemption when you buy and sell funds in online banking.

Types of funds

Equity funds

  • Asia ex Japan Equity 
  • Euroland Equity 
  • BRIC Markets Equity 
  • Global Emerging Markets Equity 
  • Brazil Equity 
  • Latin American Equity 
  • Russia Equity 
  • Turkey Equity 
  • Chinese Equity 
  • ESI Japan Equity 
  • ESI US Equity 
  • Indian Equity 
  • Euroland Equity Smaller Companies 
  • Global Equity Volatility Focused 
  • Global Lower Carbon Equity

Bond funds

  • Euro Credit Bond 
  • US Dollar Bond 
  • Global Inflation Linked Bond 
  • Global Emerging Markets Bond 
  • Global High Income 
  • Global Lower Carbon Bond

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Things to know

Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (UCITS) don't have a guaranteed return and previous performance does not guarantee future performance.

The information on this page is not and cannot under any circumstances be deemed as investment advice or an exhortation to invest.

Prior to making any investment decision, verify that the investment products you are examining meet your financial requirements and investment goals and consider the legislation that applies to your case. It is recommended that you refer to your usual consultants (lawyers, tax advisors, notaries, etc.) for help with your decision. Participation registrations in the UCITS sub capitals of the Luxembourg law of the HSBC portfolios described here can be undergone only in accordance to the current informative report, which you can obtain after request from HSBC Greece, from the topic guardian, the financial department or the representative. Investors should read the informative report for detailed information about the risks associated with the UCITS sub capitals of the Luxembourg right HSBC portfolios. Previous performances do not guarantee future ones. Like any other investment that is exposed to market fluctuations, the price of HSBC portfolio shares may fall or rise.

Source: HSBC Global Asset Management

Are you eligible?

To invest in HSBC Global Investment funds, you need to:

  • have at least 3,000 euros (or USD/GBP equivalent) available for the investment 
  • be 18 years old or over 
  • meet nationality requirements (as specified in the Prospectus, as each time in force)

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